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navneet patle

ux architect

A creator by passion, a developer turned designer by purpose,
and an enthusiastic artist by interest.


bit more about me

I am a Pune based UX professional with 7+ years of multinational experience in transforming digital products and services from varied industry domains, and have a keen interest in technological disruption in sustainable-living and healthcare sectors. I enjoy thought provoking interactions with people, and exploring distinct places and cultures. A good cup of chai-tea or latte can always make my day!  

Where can i add value ?

By applying the all-round skills of design, development and project management, my expertise lies in:

  1. Experience Design
  2. Planning UX/UI Strategy and leading design teams
  3. In-depth knowledge of design/dev trade-offs and product development cycle
  4. UX mentoring

How has my career spanned out ?

Before immersing myself completely into the field of design in 2015, I worked in UI development for over 4 years in India and Australia to perform activities like:

  1. Front-end development
  2. Dev management
  3. Project Coordination between interdisciplinary and remotely located teams
  4. Software Consulting

What are my areas of interest ?

The creative flare in me was an enticing factor to choose a career in design. Our talk will be an interesting one, if you're into

  1. Street and travel photography
  2. Water colour and acrylic painting
  3. Singing bollywood music
  4. Cricket; i follow the game religiously!

What do i believe in ?

To fuel the hunger of creating a difference with my abilities, I abide by 4 guiding principles for both personal and professional growth

  1. "Learning never stops"
  2. "Knowledge is power, knowledge shared is power multiplied" - Robert Boyce
  3. "3 Ps - Passion, Positivity and Perseverance, can take you distance"
  4. "There is always room for improvement"